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see, THAT makes sense to me. Look, I haven't really ran any TTRPG games myself and I would like to. When I saw what I thought were inconsistencies, I freaked out because I was like, "how would I explain this to my players!?" 

It honestly didn't occur to me that I, the DM, could use these things to flavor or design the game I would like to run.

IF the 'inconsistancies' are intentionally written in order to create those holes for DM's to use, the bravo! Because that is awesome! Yet, if they aren't, I am also trying to be the Warcraft red shirt guy and help out.

I honestly haven't gotten to the DM section of the book so if that information is in there, THAT will be really helpful. I was really focused  on the lore and background information because I was really enjoying that aspect of the game. Even moreso than the game mechanics, which are also exceptional.