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If you're experiencing significant blocker given that you can't imagine why the GMS licenses might be restricted, you might not be in the target audience for this game.

Part of the joy of roleplaying games with rich settings is exploring the gaps, implications, and assumptions of the text. If my group earnestly asked a question like, "Why doesn't everyone have a GMS license?", we'd probably have a real good time working together to find out!

All that to say: the most economical and enjoyable solution to this problem is very likely to be your group or GM figuring out something cool together.


see, THAT makes sense to me. Look, I haven't really ran any TTRPG games myself and I would like to. When I saw what I thought were inconsistencies, I freaked out because I was like, "how would I explain this to my players!?" 

It honestly didn't occur to me that I, the DM, could use these things to flavor or design the game I would like to run.

IF the 'inconsistancies' are intentionally written in order to create those holes for DM's to use, the bravo! Because that is awesome! Yet, if they aren't, I am also trying to be the Warcraft red shirt guy and help out.

I honestly haven't gotten to the DM section of the book so if that information is in there, THAT will be really helpful. I was really focused  on the lore and background information because I was really enjoying that aspect of the game. Even moreso than the game mechanics, which are also exceptional.