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Today was a distracted day!


Hoooo wee!!!!

I started my morning working  with our lead GUI artist Jaeger, and she made some prototype gameplay screens.

They're gorgeous. She's amazingly talented. ❤    (Don't mind my stand-in fighting dummy sprite, he's from another game).

Then I worked on the concept for the second love interest, Angelo. I did a fair amount of research to build his character. I'm not comfortable showing the concept sketch just yet (bc that's about as far as I got, art-wise). 

And I've written... about 2.5 pages of the script.

And then uh.
I kinda found this lil dude in my garden?

I do already have two cats. I've been wanting a third. Just wasn't expecting RNG to grant me a game jam kitten.  ¯\_( ಠ_ಠ)_/¯  

So rn he's living in my bathroom.  He's very well-behaved for a fleabag.  I'll endeavor not to devolve this Game Design Thread into cat stuff though -- Will continue committing to daily devlog updates, and maybe a lil dude update next week.