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(SPOILER) I started crying after I got the true end, I kept trying to go back to try and save Randall and I was so sad when I couldn't. I feel like he didn't deserve all of that. He went through so much and he was trying to do better after everything that had happened but then he ran out of his medicine, and when he tried to get more he couldn't and ended up going insane, and then when he finally realized what he was doing it was too late, and I just felt so awful. He didn't want to hurt them, he liked Tom, and killed him, he didn't want to kill her sister, he didn't want to kill anybody but he couldn't stop himself and in the end commit suicide, and it just hurts to think about it. He's definitely one of my favorite characters, if not THE favorite character in all of the games I've played, and trust me, I've played a lot. There was so much thought put into him and I'm so glad I found this game, It's amazing. 


oh gosh this message means the world to me and i started tearing up a little reading it. thank you so much for writing such a thoughtful and kind message. I don't want to give too much away, but I am working on a new version of the game that should be out next year called "PURPLE: Directors cut" and its going to have new content and a couple new endings and there miiiiight be a better ending for randall. The reason for that is because (warning for heavy subjects);

Randall was heavily based off myself and my mental illnesses and at the time I made this game I was actually going to end my life once it was finished. The game was what I was living for at the time and I felt very hopeless in life. That's why this game doesnt have a good ending for randall, because at the time of making it I felt there was no good ending for me and because of my illnesses I Thought I would keep hurting people and id never be happy. A lot has changed since and I've gotten a lot of help, gotten out of a very bad situation and am on the path of healing so I plan on the new version to reflect that, while still staying true to the original story!

It means so much to me that you enjoyed it so much, even to call randall a favorite is more than i could have ever hoped for in releasing it ;w; thank you so much, it's players like you that really helped me realize there was more and im not alone and people care!

I'm so glad that you're doing better. You're extremely talented, and it shows greatly in this game. Now that you're saying this that's probably why it's such a good game, because you based it off of something real. I'm happy you didn't end your life, and I'm greatly looking forward to playing the next game. I hope you continue getting better c: