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Hi there! I've been lurking for a while since I'm really interested in this game, and well, I always play uncensored versions, so I'll be purchasing it. But I wanted to know something first. Will each chapter cost it's own money once released, or is the $9,99 for everything, and the files will be updated when new chapters are ready?

Thank you very much!

Hey Konoi! The $9.99 is for Chapter One only because it contains 10+ hours of gameplay (not including replay-ability) and basically a full game within itself. The final release of Faulty Apprentice will be priced at $19.99+ and I believe you'll be able to put the $9.99 towards the final game release (like credit) but I'm not 100% sure how that works here on, so please only purchase if you would like to donate towards Faulty Apprentice development.

Thank you for being interested in Faulty Apprentice! -din

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Oh I see! It's fine, seems fair - I'll purchase chapter one and see what next when the full game is released! Thank you for the fast answer!

EDIT: oh and also, pleeease tell me Midnight will be a romance option! 

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Hahhaha Yup! The Black Cat, Midnight has a Romance path thanks to the generous folks on Kickstarter. Good luck, that cat is a feisty one! XD

Thank you for the support! (=

Hey there! Just coming back with a few opinions and questions since I finished a first playthrough of the first chapter!

First of all, the game is really funny and endearing - I can't wait for the rest of the adventure!

And don't get me started on the music and art! This is all so pretty!

I like most of the characters. For some, it doesn't come as a surprise, for others it clearly does! Even if you almost don't interact with her, Midnight is clearly still my favorite though.

Now, I wish the one guard you could romance was the shark instead of the bunny - I adore her too! And shark teeth are basically the sexiest thing ever to me, too haha. 

As for things I wanted to ask, well, first. Is there a way to skip minigames? Don't get me wrong, they are fun, but my computer is old and weak and hates Unity. For aesthetical and story purposes I want my character to use sword and shield, but that minigame is almost impossible because of the lag it produces. Up until the spiders it was playable, but the goblin fight by the gates... well, I did it by sheer luck, since the lag was so awful I always had my combo reset, either because it took so long to manage to hit something or for something to appear on screen, or because the delay made me hit a bomb instead of what I was aiming for. 

Another question... I'd love an explanation for how the morale stat works, actually. I had trouble understanding it, since well, most interractions I had with characters got it moving, but while the relationship gauge always went up, the morale one sometimes stayed unmoving or even went down, but it was mostly depending on the character. I don't realy know if I was doing something wrong or if it's meant to be depending on how you're playing the apprentice. And is it bad if it goes all the way down? Or can it prevent from getting a romance right?

Almost there, only two left. As far as chapter 1 goes, the game is pretty tame, even the uncensored version. When the full game is out, will it have more explicit content than that, or is what we have seen the full extent of it?

And last question! How deep a relationship with a girl can be when you reach the end of chapter 1? Obviously, not much with one of the girls you meet by the very end, but for someone like Brea for example, whom you know since the very beginning.

Well, that would be it! Lags put aside, it was a very enjoyable experience!

Hey Konoi! Glad you are enjoying your Apprenticeship so far!

Skipping minigames is not a bad idea, thanks for the suggestion!

Morale meter gives you indication of Good/ Evil progress you are making with each character. It can affect Relationship potential and their role in the battle at end of the game. Relationship meter gives you indication on your overall progress getting to know that character.

We are trying to keep the game more ecchi than eroge. Don't get us wrong, we like eroges, but we feel there are enough of them out already. However, there will be slightly more explicit scene for each character if you max Relationship and make a character your girlfriend.

I think max relationship potential for chapter one is 2.5 - 3? You have to Talk to them everyday. Night time opens up at start chapter 2 so you have more opportunities to build Relationship paths later in game.

Thanks for playing Faulty Apprentice and giving such detailed feedback! If you have any more questions let me know (= 


Glad you'll consider it about the minigame!  While it would be sad to have to skip it, it's better than getting stuck because of a shitty computer!

And no problem, about the eroge/ecchi thing. I just wanted to know. I can play both entirely SFW game and very explicit ones all the same - as long as it's not censored I'm fine with both. But I like to know how mature is a game beforehand.

About questions, well, it's still about morale, actually. I noticed that while I give the same type of answers, different characters react differently. Basically, I play the hero as cheerful, optimistic and trying to be the most helpful and brave possible. Basically, the sweetest I can play him (I have to mention that I really like how you can play him in very different ways!). I noticed my answers tend to make the morale of let's say the bunny guard very high (to the right), while it makes the shark guard's morale go down (to the left). And it seems to be pretty consistent between "nice" and "not-so-nice" characters overall... Does that mean if a character is more "naughty" to begin with, when it goes up it means my answer is alligned with their naughtyness, and if it goes down, I'm changing their point of view a bit - and the opposite if a character is "good"? Or am I still totally confused about that haha?

You've almost got it. Not all NPCs are friendly or want to be friendly. So if your responses shift an NPC morale to the purple, they are going to become more evil/ unhappy, but if your response shifts Morale towards white, they will become more good/ happy. It will effect the Final Battle at end, but I can't say much about that (don't want to spoil) =P

Okay, with that it'll definitely help me! Thank you!

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Hi Din! You mentioned you aren't sure how things will work on, is there another sales platform where you can confirm there will be credits? Your website recommends GameJolt, but they only have the old Chapter 1 build. I see that Gumroad has a $10 knights version that says chapter 2, and a $25 version that says chapter 3, but their descriptions don't have a lot of info. They actually say NOT to buy that product and go to Patreon instead. But I can't afford to keep paying the same amount on Patreon every month indefinitely. =(

If I buy that chapter 3 version for $25, does it also include chapters 1 and 2?

And will that gumroad version continue getting support and updates in the future?

And will I be able to apply some of that purchase as a credit to the eventual final release, like you mentioned above?


Hey UnreliableNarrator! DO NOT BUY ON GUMROAD. That is how we distribute updates to our Patrons, so you will NOT be getting the complete game, credit, or future updates, only the current development build for that week. Sadly, I do not have a sales platform I can 100% guarantee credit.

We will be announcing a release date for Faulty Apprentice soon, so if you do not wish to donate towards development, your best bet is to play the Free Chapter One Demo and wait for final release.

Thank you for being interested in Faulty Apprentice! If you have any more questions, let me know. -din