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That is correct, I purchased one of the Super Duper Greenlight bundles a few months ago, and recently saw a few of the games got greenlit, when I tried to contact the bundle site owner(on the 22nd) I got no response on when I asked about getting the Steam keys that would be given when the games are greenlit. I actually purchased mostly for this game, and the others were just icing. Thanks for the quick response, that is very awesome of you, I actually asked if them I should just contact the developers that participated in the bundle directly in the mail I sent to them today.


Ah, alright, I see.

What I'm thinking is that I'll give you the key myself, as that'll be much easier. I doubt I have to tell you much about the mess the bundles makes anyway, you have experienced that just fine on your own. :P

First off, was it a Steam key you wanted, or Itch.io? And also, do you got anywhere safe I can send things to you? As sending it here would of course be risky since anyone could snag the key and whatnot. :)

Also unrelated, but if you wanted to buy IGB in the state it was in back on release day and such, you'll probably like how much better it is since then, too. It's hardly stayed unchanged through 30+ updates, to say the least!


I already have the itch.io key, but I was looking to get the Steam key they(Super Duper) never gave me.

I have been really excited to play, I have followed the progress of the game, and it really looks like you folks have puts tons of new content in the updates!

There are a few ways you can contact me, we can go through reddit, my user name is /u/xombin, or we can go through Steam my user name there is also Xombin.

Thanks again!