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its a good game but right rushes and left can barely move well ima try to fix it but thats kinda an issue any advice

What controller are you using ?

well im talking about pc since im on vacation and i dont have another controller on me

So when you press left arrow your player barely moves but when you press right arrow it moves fast ?

ya it takes so long and i need to jump to even get a boost to move and i cant go up ramps so i had to use my controller and i didnt know it would work and i cant fight becuase only right works and as i said i only have 1 controller on me

Weird 🤔 Is the game running at a low frame rate ? Do you have any other problem with other games ?

no just this i guess it could be my pc its kinda screwed up idk why im even reinstalling it to see if it will fix it also is there a diffrence between supporter and reguler edition

The supporter edition adds a new skin & weapon but it won't fix your bug, I'm going to do a bit of research about it

i can send you a clip if you want it wont be the best but it should work ill add my controller and then my pc

just figured it out the keybind was set to f for some reson now it works rip im dumb

Oh ok, have fun !