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Alas, the 'no walk animation' bug got me and Renko scooted everywhere. Controls and graphics are damn impressive for a three-day job (and it supports networked multiplayer?!). Maribel never blocked me in a corridor but I can see how that could end up happening. Nine character models, plus 2D portraits, plus the train and compartments, plus all the CGs...

...Bravo for time management, I have to say.

Only complaint on the visuals was Remilia's head not also being on fire.

Writing stole the show, of course. A murder mystery where half the cast admit to being responsible... every character feels distinct, from Niwatari to frickin' Sakuya just standing there. (Does Maribel get an extra set of dialogue from interacting with everyone? I only played SP)

Use of Theme is solid for 'Identity' given... well, the murder mystery and its resolution, and the LGBT side is represented for the obvious reasons.