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The Silent Hill 4 influence is for sure there but I also am detecting some major VideoDrome vibes too. In fact the whole time I was playing I was like "man, this is like a VideoDrome game!" in my head. 

I also think, whether this is just me projecting on to the game or not but I cant help but feel like there's an undertone of paranoia regarding your deepest most forbidden desires being forcibly exposed against your will, or something like that. I think I might have had a nightmare like that more than once. You know what I mean though right? Like the idea that your desires would be laid bare in front of everybody for them to gawk at and mock you for. And the violation of privacy that leads to that.

I really liked your game.

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I do know what you mean, yes. And I appreciate you sharing your point of view on what the game could mean. I made it obtuse enough in the hopes that it could be a place for players to reflect on their own stuff as well. At that point, the original 'canonical' meaning has no importance whatsoever, and your opinion is absolutely valid, as it is relating to subjects the game touches on too.
I'm glad you liked it. I hope the rest of my output will be as fun for you to play.