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Today’s work. The entrance to the Sacred Valley region. Before it was a empty ravine with some random bandits, but now the Bandits have a proper base, even a cave at the top of the cliffs. 

There will even be a sidequest asking you to clean house here, giving you the opportunity to earn some extra job points, gold, and exp. The Sacred Valley will be the end zone of the demo, so the difficulty will rise as you proceed into it.

Hopefully I can show you all more progress as the weeks go by. I also want to take this moment to address the new people here:

Thanks so much for taking interest in SR:MT. I am sorry for the failings of the old version, and I sincerely hope you will love this brand new version that I am oh so desperately trying to get out to you guys.

I don’t do devlogs unless I have important issues to alert you to, but you will typically find daily progress here in the community and on my Twitter. (@DracoWyrm_Media)

I figure that my policy probably hurts my visibility, so I think the next thing to do is implement the Weekly Progress Report on the Devlog. Would you all be interested in that?