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Please include a Linux Version, too (Android is pretty close to that already, but would be even cooler to have Linux included, too, since Linux is the future of Gaming anyway - Google Stadia Cloud Gaming is based on Vulkan ;-)  ). I've just researched a bit about Linux Versions for Unity and they seem to at least have had one - but the last post about it I found from 2015 on an Ubuntu-Community Site.  In WINE (the Windows Compatibility Layer for Linux - "W"ine "I"s "N"o "E"mulator! ;-P - the Unity-based Games I've tried so far, seem to suffer a few glitches - particularly when trying to move the Window when played in Windows and the Fullscreen doesn't really process correctly in terms of covering the full-screen, unfortunately, but Gameplay seemed to be pretty smooth unless clicking outside of the Window unfortunately, then it freezes and has to be closed and restarted in order to work.

I've installed the current WINE Version so far, but am a Newbie when it comes to setting/changing any configurations of the Compatibility Layer yet. So, I might be able to fix it with the Demo, but I'd still love to see a native Linux Version.

I'm sooo looking forward to this Game.

Hello Samapatti! Thank you very much for this feedback, I don't know if we're going to make a Linux version yet, but it's good to know

Second the request for Linux compatibility. The Godot engine might me a good alternative to Unity; cross-porting is supposed to be much easier

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It seems, that Unity3D Editor (not sure if it allows also to export for Linux-Platform though) is now officially supported for Linux, too - as it was reported at the Unity3D Blog at the End of May.

I'd be curious, whether or not Unity itself - regardless on which platform you create - now supports also to easily port it to Linux-native Systems, as "abnormalplayground" 's suggested "Godot" Development Platform does.

Oh, I just found this interesting Thread in the Game Development Forums, that shows, that it should be fairly easy to just install Linux Platform Support on Unity. What do you think/say? - Sounds pretty easy to me, if that works fine/properly and doesn't need any special "adjustments",  that cost loads and loads of more working hours, of course.