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lovely game! rly glad 2 see something like this existing on itch. love the art direction, and the dialogue offers an ambiguous but directed commentary on trans existence in a way that rly doesnt feel like its 4 the cis eye. i like it. i also love how the dialogue options feel natural. u say wat u feel, and maybe u get hormones, maybe a convo, maybe they dont speak 2 u again. it doesnt feel like yr "winning" or "losing" convos, but exploring. maybe u werent planning for hat exactly, but i appreciate the feeling.

i kno yr looking 4 feedback as its a first game (congratulations!!!) and u made it quik, so i'll offer a technical thing u maybe already noticed, and also a personal less technical criticism:
some of the text boxes, esp for describing hormone tree options, dont fit, and i miss the whole description. its sad bc i want 2 read it so bad, i wanna lap up every word! otherwise, there was just a part on the beach where i pressed E and ended up interacting with someone way too far away, i think? it kind of ended up being poetic as a disembodied voice asked me "i thought you came here to transition?", but i think it was maybe a glitch nonetheless.

on the more personal, fuzzy end, with the hormone tree, i kind of intuited a guess at y its set up the way it is (commentary on binary transness as so biologically oriented/passing-focused in communities, and nonbinary as 'feeling' and 'fashion', maybe??) but it still felt a little...clunky? the options under "nonbinary" rubbed me weird as a nonbinary person, and idk if its a similar feeling for other binary trans ppl. maybe if yr planning 2 flesh out the world more, making the interaction clearer b/w the world and the hormone options will allow 4 a more nuanced view of wat yr doing there.

wow sry i wrote a whole wall, im just excited abt this game! im always so happy 2 see more trans ppl on itch making more games abt trans experience, esp big creative pieces like this. i hope my criticisms came off good-faith and constructive! excited to hear abt more projects if theyre coming.