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Right on the heels of the first update, I hoped to get some progress on combat, which I have done. Not far enough along for the demo, but I'm building up a bit more of an idea of where I want the classes to go. Here's the Ritualist and Fighter's in dev fighting mechanics in video form, with an explanation after.

Ritualists can cast quick magic, but their strongest abilities are in the form of Rituals. Rituals require setup to execute to maximum effect, Dioxios in particular in order to take maximum advantage of its damage output, needs its targets to have Minor Curse on them, or its damage will be reduced, and can only be used with TP. That said, using debuffs and other trickery is the name of the game for Ritualists, and damaging moves do not build their TP meter.

Fighters conversely tank damage while building their TP, allowing for the enemy to waste their energy (and sparing the other party members the damage), then retaliating with a variety of heavy hitting counter moves. There are a few baseline abilities, over time I will be giving them much better options in battle, including support abilities.