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So as I mentioned in my devlog, the game is being remade in MV. We're still working on core elements such as the base combat, and I've only recently started area design on the Ancient Hills. To that end, I have a video showing what the new Ancient Hills will look like in MV. Lots of work left to be done, but this is your first look.

I'm going to be making efforts on making a tech demo of sorts to give a very basic idea of combat and get initial feedback, which will replace existing the currently live download. I'd really like to ask you guys to help me out once the demo is live and give your honest feedback, and I'm hoping to greatly expand the scope of the demo after that point. Chapter 1 will be a start to a more episodic build of the SR:MT storyline, each episode being built like a separate game. We'll be thoroughly testing various options to implement this so it's relatively seamless to add new episode content to preexisting saves.

I more than realized that soundtrack aside, I'm pretty much already making a sizable game just with Chapter 1, and dividing these story segments up will greatly increase overall production and hopefully with a more focused dev cycle, quality.

Thanks to everyone who has been patient with me and supporting me in this endeavor, I hope with these changes, I can finally make something at the standards not only I can enjoy, but you as well.

If you haven't already seen my MV switch dev log, you can do so here.