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This was very creepy! It built up a dark atmosphere from the start. The story is really grim and seems like it can be built upon very well! I was actually sad when the demo ended cause I wanted to see more! Looking forward to the full game!

Here's my playthrough:


Hey Adrionic, 

 Man the video is awesome thank you for your feedback. Really man, your positive energy and constructive feedback mean a lot to me in order to maintain the game's development. :)

With the full release, you will have lots of more things to blink at, also I've added different parameters as well such as shaking your head or having the flashlight on/off. So while playing the full release, you will have to blink, shake your head and have your light on/off in order things to disappear, so it will be more challenging and fast - paced. I hope you will like it more. 

Cheers! :)