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#1 Find a body of water or shore line Cabin and use as base.(I found to have less enemy's)

#2 focus on picking up wood and make a Work bench and bed. (Make sure you click the bed to make a spawn point when you die) 

#3 Find 3 wood and 6 Flint (found on shore lines). And make a flint Axe on the workbench.

#4 Find 10 stone and 3 wood and make Stone pick axe.

#5 Again roam the shore lines & find 52 Flint and cut down trees to get 60 wood and make 4 Flinthead spears & 20 Flinthead arrows. (use Spears to kill enemy's at first as you can pick the spears back up & it keeps the monsters distance from you since you have no good armour yet)

#6 Hunt down 20 deer useing only the spear & collect the Leather & Meat & make a set of deerskin Armour and a Bow. 

(Caution using Spears! You need to aim UP HIGHER above the targets!!!! Like a Deer, you have to kill from afar or they run away.)

Do not focus on ANY close combat at first  if you can avoid it? & ONLY use (Spears) UNTIL you have 6 Copper bar, 4 Coal, 4 Stone & 10 Wood were you can now build a (Forge) to make a Copper sword and a Copper Hat. 

If you fond  copper or Iron Ore? not already in bars? You need to find 40 stone & 4 Surtling Core and make a Smelter and a Charcoal Kiln and smelt the ore to make Copper or Iron bars

From here you can go to any Bog or Mountain top (Troll armour required & at least 20 health potions that you can make on the work bench to go to the mountain tops)

Welcome to Valheim. You are in for a treat as this is a one of a kind game.