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I was just hit with a pain-in-the-ass copyright claim by UMG that doesn't simply Monetize your video, it Blocks your video in ALL COUNTRIES (Not a single person is allowed to see MY 33 Minute video because a 17 second song that plays at said-link and time in my video. Remove the song or censor it before uploading it.

Oh dear, that is unfortunate. I am sorry if it caused any harm to your channel, that would be the worst scenario possible. 
I don't have much time these days to put into it, but i'll look into removing the music that I believe is the culprit, at least for potential future players.

I just simply deleted the audio so it'd return the video back to not being blocked, nor demonetized, it didn't give me a Strike so there is no permanent damage. Just means anything I say or any audio from that moment is bleached out of existence, oh well.