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Thanks for every reply, it means alot.

So, I use a OP6 (One Plus 6) with Android 9.0, with of course the One Plus skin. I have 19 percent free space and am directly downloading it. The internet connection is pretty good and stable (2.4 ghz). The downloading process does not take long.

I have already downloaded many other visual novels and had no problem at any time.

Right now I see there is a OP update. I will try again after the installation. 

Well, something's still wrong. I am glad that at least other people can still enjoy the. :)

I will try one more thing, deinstalling and re-installing the game.

It actually worked! The 1 mb less big version let me install it.  YES! ...So ...How can I support you now? Are you on Patreon or not? I'd really like to show this game some more love and not only with playing it. Okay, I got it I suppose you don't want any donations, because it's a fan-made-game and therefore free?!

Glad you were able to get it working. Ren'Py recently changed how it compiles Android builds, and now does two versions.

We're glad that you enjoy what we've produced so far, but we won't be accepting any donations for this project. Out of respect for the original game (which was also free), we would rather not monetize any aspect of it. However, Stormsinger Studios is also working on another visual novel, but as for what it is, I can't say anything except to stay tuned. :)

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Wow, you have no idea how amazed I am to hear that!

The original creators propably wouldn't copy strike you, if it's even possible, but it's awsome that you respect their decission to not make it pay to play nonetheless. I am not saying that because I think it schouldn't be pay to play. Well, I know you read this out of my other comment.

So, I hope you make enough money elsewhere to compensate the time and money you spend on making this game.

It really is a pleasure to see this game becoming great again. I am gonna stay tuned for as long as I have to, no doubts, no regrets. 

I started the game from the beginning (didn't skip) and you have really done a great job! I am glad I happened to not skip parts, because you changed things didn't you? I am especially glad to see the returning of the character emotions... and blushing. ;)

By the way, I hope it doesn't annoy you, I was talking to a guy on Patreon about Morenatsu and he preferred the old sprites (even has a profile picture of 'old' Torahiko). I personally think besides Torahiko every other character looks mature and how he should. Torahiko looks mature too, sure, but still edgy. The old one looked more pudgier than musculous, but still more how he should look like. To decide this topic is of course your decission, I only say what I think. (Have you ever had contact with the original Morenatsu team? What about you take Tora's old sprite?)

The guy also finds the sprites have lost their bright color, “like they got bleached“.

After reading another persons comment I have to say please change Kyouji's sprite too! He looks weird and apparently his eyes are closed all the time... Sorry for the trouble. I am a terrible person. I know it's hard work...

You having Patreon should be okay, considering being a Patron is voluntary...

Cheers from Germany and farther alot of success and fun <3