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Am I missing something? The onlly thing I have been able to do in game is look at the photo with the numbers and letters on it and I heard something fall but didn't see anything. The screenshots posted here have different setting but I can't figure out how to get out of the initial room. The other drawer is locked and I can't pick up anything on the table.


There is a key there. I am stuck on the second lock code. I feel like I have tried everything with the code found.

can you pick up the hammer? And where is the key? I've searched everywhere

Ok I found the key and now I am at the same place your are stuck at. EL doesn't translate to any numbers.

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I was just about to to post where the key was haha.


The note for EL-17 does translate to a number.

E = 5 (number of the alphabet)

L= 12 ( Same as above)

Plus 17. This makes 51217. Using this code I was able to get the Left Lock on the door to go Green.

Its the second set for the right I am having problems with. It does not seem to follow the same pattern. I swear i have tried everything.


Got the door open! Thanks so much for that code! Here is the other code for your right lock.


The bathroom note is 82-XLV

XLV is Roman Numeral for 45, so your code is 8245


Prepare for disappointment though in the next room....