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Hi! Love the most recent update. However, the new bosses with the "Vitalizing Systems" buff seem essentially impossible for certain decks to kill - especially if on first level (playing as hermit, had a great run, but can't build a large enough army to do 15 damage in a single turn - physically impossible). Just a bit of a bummer compared to the other buffs, which are quite challenging and fun to come up against.

That is true. But Hermit is a very hard convoy to play in the first place :) It's such a specialized setup that it's pretty impossible to balance for that. But what I think could solve the problem is, when the "vitalizing systems" had a fixed number of activations. So with hermit you just need more time (a lot more maybe) but you can eventually break through. Say 2-3 triggers if they are the first boss in a run.

Thanks for reporting in!