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Oh, it gets to be worrying when you play a game about a crackpot conspiracy theorist who lives alone on a farm with only a chicken for company and grows squash and find yourself relating to them. Worrying times indeed.

Anyway, this is a delightfully wonderful point and click puzzle game about a chap named Edgar, who lives alone on a farm with only a chicken for company and grows squash. Wait, did I say that already? Ah never mind, the point is that this is some cracking old school fun, the gameplay is great, the humour is very humorous and the characters are all as mad a box of frogs that haven't seen the light of day (or a nice juicy fly) in too long!

One of the main things that drew me in with this game is the passage of time though, having a day/night cycle in a point and clicker is something I don't think I've come across before! The busy background events are an absolute blast too, something as simple as seeing a bunny running across electricity lines or a cat running across your path can really add to an immersive atmosphere.

Alright, I think I've waxed lyrical for long enough about this game now, it's time that you all got your bums over to that download button and played it for yourselves!

Oh, and do keep up the awesome work, devs, this was a joy to play =)