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Since leaving this comment I played through a few more times and I just got the other two endings (and I jumped out of my skin with the secret one). Really loving it more and more with each pass. I'm glad you've since warmed up to it, as well!

Oh that is very spooky. It's unfortunate a lot of ideas like that had to end up on the cutting room floor but maybe certain feelings like that could be repurposed into later projects, who knows.

The feeling of having your back to something open and dark is really icky and I relate to that a lot. There's a room in my house that is the main TV/living area that has no door and is covered with windows. For a while there weren't any curtains either so when it was dark outside the windows were just pitch black and there's always this feeling of someone standing in the wide doorway when you're not looking at it. I also hate having my back toward the crawlspace door in my basement even though it's closed and latched, and I got that feeling initially before I found the key to open the blue room - probably why I spooked myself so bad the first go around.