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Currently formatting weeks two through eight (ish?) of Professor Lucifer's route. I'll have some more images to make too, but after being stuck on "how do I integrate all the routes into eachother?" I finally realized. I don't. Just choose the prof you want at the beginning and play with them through to the end (getting advice and stuff from the others along the way). Duh.

Anyhoo, I'm hoping to have something soon! (I hope the images don't take me too long once I get to them.).

Sorry to anyone wanting one of the other routes, but well, I'll get to them but gotta get SOME progress or I'll just get all depressed again :P.


Glad to see you back, and please don't stress yourself out. Individual routes are just fine. Integrating 8 routes together with each other requires a tremendous  amount of work, there are just simply too many combinations. I personally would like to see MC go on the route of one character, but with other characters occasionally chime in (well... turn it into a three/foursome / orgy also works I guess XD)

Lol my thoughts exactly :)