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I just discovered the demo for Android, and just WOW.  Good job guys! Just blown away, and I would've totally contributed to the kick starter, but it looks like I'm too late! Anyway just wanted to say that I'm a software engineer for 12 years now and if chewy needs help with development I would totally help for 100% free!  Let me know how I can contact you if you could use help and I can provide you my linked in profile 😁. I am a seasoned .net developer and have delved into Java and others! I work a lot but I'm usually free on weekends to help.  Great work!


Hello GayDev3, thank you very much for your comment, it always warms our hearts to see such love for our game!

As for your offer to help developping the game, It's very nice of you! For the moment, everything is going smoothly, but if we need some help, we'll make sure to ask! Thank you very much!!

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No problem, keep up the good work! C'est tres magnifique!