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Agreed. I had a situation in underwater container bunker, i found a lvl 2 armor and lvl 1 helmet, I had a shotgun M870 and blue skin. And someone guy with red skin came to me and i shoot him with 5 meters and guy with red skin he was not be  dead, i was be suprised how guy is not dead i hit him with all spreads, and this guy with no armor,helmet, and red skin he shoot me with same shotgun M870 and he instant kill me in the same distance (5 Meters) 3 spreads from shotgun M870 hit me. My healthbar was be full  and i use one pills and two soda`s and guy instant kill me 

Sorry for bad English :)

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Instead of shoot you mean shot also it's not called blue skin it's called Aquatic Avenger also he is not a hacker he was using two M870s and six hit you so you died or you just are lying