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Salu, stalking the webs for years on end for free mature indie stuff as the dutch free loader I am. Just wanted to say your the first developer that made me fork out money for chapter 1 after the demo in about 10-15 minutes in.

Guess there is a cherry popping for everything. 

Gonna dig my teeth in the NSFW version and see where it goes, but from what i've seen I can but only expect the good stuff! Great art, funny and interesting characters and interesting story lines to but wonder where it might go.

Keep up the good work.

Hahahhaha dank je for the comment and donation, Xeerz! We are happy to hear you are enjoying Faulty Apprentice chapter one and are looking forward to seeing where the story goes. (=

I promise it will have a happier ending than Berserk XD (Berserk is seriously one of my favorite stories though. I have the old anime and new movies, but haven't  read the manga yet.)

We'll have more updates coming soon! Feel free to join our discord chat if you are interested as well =D

Thank you for playing, Xeerz!