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Holy Heck This Is Amazing

Where The Heck Is The Donate Button i NEED to donate at least 100 dollars

Ive Litterally Found The Best Game Of 2019

Everything Else Sucks, This Game Is The Only One We Need!

Also, if you make a new game, please add a reference to my Youtube Channel "One Punch Mudkip": (note: i already dont think this is going to happen)



Zip: We’re only rp’ying for the three of us, Zap. I’m pretty sure Mudkip can’t hear us.

Zap: But-but, it’s 100 dollars! That’s like… 1… 2… 7… AT LEAST 100 DOLLARS!!! That’s more dollars than I can count with my fingers!!

Zoopy: Hey, since when did Zap downgrade his language module and become obsessed with money?

Zip: Our god didn’t give us enough screen time to solidify our personalities, so we can basically do whatever we want.

Zap: What about adding a donate button?

Zip: The only thing I’d donate for is the overthrow of-

??????: Someone call me?

Protagonist: Whoops, I can’t have you giving unwarranted spoilers. Especially if they don’t actually give any real implications. Time to shut this operation down.

Zap: Come on, Zip! We can split the 100 dollars between the three of us!

Zip: Zap, I think we have a bigger problem to deal with than your incorrect math…

Protagonist: Shutting down in 3…

Zip: At least we each get one last line to speak in, even though I just wasted mine.

Protagonist: 2…

Zoopy: Just one short sentence and otherwise ignored… again. sigh

Protagonist: 1…

Zap: NOO!! MY 100 DOLLARS!!!

Windows 9 has crashed. Next time consider not waving magnets around in the electronics section.