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v2016.12.02 Changelog: "Changed mp3 BGMs to oggs! Now the music should play correctly."

1) I think you accidentally overlooked the MP3 file in \Audio\SE\.

  • Non-OGG files in \Audio\SE\: question.mp3, cancel4.wav, cursor8.wav, decide2.wav

Basically, what I did was convert all non-OGG audio files (in \Audio\BGM\ & \Audio\SE\) to OGG (constant 128 kbps), so as to achieve smaller filesize & maximum system compatibility.

2) Gameplay Inventory Question

May I check what is the purpose of the 'Key Items' section under ESC > Items menu ? This 'Key Items' section always remains empty no matter how times I play through the entire game (all endings): Screenshots

Thanks !

1. My only purpose was to make the music play and I didn't wanted to touch anything other than that (mainly because I'm very lazy...(._. ) The sound plays properly and that's all that matters.

2. The Key Item feature is one of the default features in RPG Maker tool, I guess the main author intended to use it but didn't during the game development.