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The key factor of this opening is moving the lone builder directly up (or down, as Blue). If you place this just right, then on turn 2 you can build a third on the Rich Resources which activates starting turn 4, giving you a solid Econ opening for the rest of the game. I'd suggest also using your extra resources to start another builder on whichever lane you'd like to exert pressure on.

The shorthand for the build looks like

2 mine 1

1 mine 1  builder 2

This is the core sequence. After this, I suggest something like

1 mine 3 (one south builder, moving other ones towards the open space)

1 barracks 1 academy 4 (this turn, your resources start at a healthy 180/+140, setting you up for a rich early game)

^^^ That's Tetr4 btw.