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Glad you enjoyed my video! I always try to give as honest feedback as possible and as a dev, i never give bias opinions by comparing games to ours, that's not fair. 

No, No. Don't get me wrong, i'm completely on board with the whole "Nudity in games" thing. I love that you did that and didn't worry about what people would say or think. This day in age, you mention anything about gender or sexual orientation and you get crucified, I really enjoyed your game because you didn't worry about that and made the game you wanted, and i can respect that. keep it up! I'm looking forward to your next game! All i really meant by that was, be sure to include nudity warnings for creators, just incase, so they can be aware that they may need to censor something in they're playthrough at some point.

Yes, I am a part of Scythe! Glad you enjoy our games as well! If you like what we've put out, you should see what's under wraps 😏

(P.S) Consider join my or the scythe discord via the link in my video descriptions. You can talk to anyone and everyone associated with me, my channel and our games! free reign to post and advertise your work and whatever you want to draw attention too and other devs such as yourself to talk dev work with!