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Thanks for asking me to make a video and here it is!
I really like the game, really atmospheric and the enemy were so creepydeepy. That breathing! Goddamn. Also I like how those shadows/lights works. It's enough dark that it's creepy but you can still see something. btw that was quite funny that we carry a candle where isn't even fire lol.
But about the things what I would recommend to fix:

1. doors, just... so frustrating to open those. Sometimes they open, sometimes they don't.
2. If you leave notes near to enemy, I would love to read them, but I get instantly killed. Didn't read then.
3. the echo thing was bit useless at this point.


Thank you very much for the feedback we will have in mind for the next, we have been told a lot about the problem with the doors and it will be the first thing we will fix.