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I don't know if the ruin's boss is defeatable or not but I finished without fighting him.

and a wrong transfer at 1:01:46 and when I selected the ruins for second time at the end, it didn't work.

and for the jungle two character were selectable.

Appreciate the feedback and the video to go along with it! 

- Gear Tyrant is an optional fight as the mission priority is to rescue hostages. Boss will run away if you damage them too much in one go.

- The time stamp helps narrow it down! That transfer bug should be fixed by the next patch. We also have a third mission to go to.

- All 4 characters should be playable by the next patch. Currently, only Chirij really works.  Some AI tweaks will be added as well.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do a Let's Play. You are awesome :)

In the jungle I suddenly confronted with the Wild Tyrant and died. If there was something that had suggested to save, I would have tried it again.

Good point! We are redesigning the Irydes Woods level for the next build, so I will incorporate that feedback. Doesn't seem fair to waste a player's progress in the level if they don't know that the boss is coming.