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In the next update you will be able to connect doors to batteries, switches, etc. If there is no wire connection you can operate them normally. If there is a connection, then it will only open if there is power supplied to it. 

I've got a fix coming up for pistons as well. Should be soon!

Sorry, been out of town. But I posted a new version that fixes the piston and makes the door connectable to power / switches. Give it a shot!

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Sweet. Installing it now!

UPDATE: Hmmmm.... Looks like pistons are working. However, I cannot put a piston on a piston. For example, I am using pistons to move a huge wall of blocks. In SVW195 I can put a piston on a piston in order to move the wall 10 blocks. Just letting you know. Thanks!

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Ah, good find. Looks like the new scaling animations are causing problems. On the bright side I can just disable them for now and everything should work properly again. On to 1.9.9! :P

Awesome. Hopefully reporting these types of things is helpful rather than me just being a PITA. Thanks!!!