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Fun game. Can't say I ever got too far, but I certainly crashed into other cars and ran some chickens over. Really liked the crashing sound effects and visual effects.

There doesn't seem to be too much point in going to the bottom half of the screen since you'd be going against traffic and it's just way harder.

The timer keeps ticking down if you don't reset, and it ends up going into the negatives.

For the text crawl at the beginning, I think the usual way it's done is to have the first press cause the rest of the text to be revealed, and then the next press causes it to go to the next line. I tried skipping through by pressing the right arrow, but it caused me to miss some stuff.


Thanks for the feedback! The timer ticking below 0 and me not adding a better way to scroll through text is mainly because  I was kinda pressed for time (as was everyone else) so I overlooked  them.  I completely agree with you about the bottom half thing, I was intending for the player to be able to swap between the different halves  to choose which kind of obstacles they would face but I kept the wall between the roads too closed off.