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Really great game. Most of the horror games are repeating themselves, but this one is pretty original. At least for me.

I think that it is about isolation, and probably it is something like "We live in a society", about goverment being bad and stuff.

The art is really simple, but i really liked the filters. It is awesome,i love the aesthetic.

Maybe it is true that houses are prisons, but it is mostly some philosophical stuff.

People who are at cults probably actually feel like that.

The game starts off (i guess) something like sims. You choose what to do and it seems like a fun game. But it repeats over, and over, and over, and over, and over, e.t.c. And the main character gets annoyed, and probably escapes reality? The idea is extremely simple, but it is pretty cool. Great game, i rate it 7/10.