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As with many people in my comments and my own Playthrough should of course bring out is, no one hated the game and, its as they always say - 'you are your own worst enemy' when its typically in relation to a creative department. Just make something that has depth, isn't half-assed and lazy (Like many other new-arrival indie devs that use Royalty Free assets) and, besides my own take on what I am Harsh about in indie horrors? Spek.Takl is, an Above-average horror game. I'm unsure if what I say will change anything, cause its hard to break out of bad habits, I know this - but, the best mentality to have is to always have both, 'Think on the bright side of things' and 'Think of the worst case scenario' and try to balance them - Release what you make thinking it's good, and for yourself Not to 'Prepare for failure by people telling you what you made is shit - but to look FORWARD to the Feedback, as a means to Grow.

As, what is there to fear or beat yourself up over it? Just a pursuit of nitpicking and perfection? The pursuit of perfection is that of self-destruction. Pursue flawlessness and if someone sees a valid crack in what you sculpt? Then it benefits you, if feedback benefits, why lament or fear 'the worst'? Everything can be perceive-warped to become positive if you try hard enough.

Well, outside of that - it's better to be hard on yourself in the rut of things, as it drives up momentum and 'Pressure', sort of like working out and trying to lose a fatty body where you want to become slimmer or more masculine, you look at yourself and go "I need to do more!", Distress and Eustress balancing is pretty important!

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Dude, thanks for the kind words. Let me reassure you, I am hard on myself because it usually works, as you suggest at the end of your comment, and for the rest I eventually find balance and make peace with the game after release. I'm currently in that process, where \SPEK.TAKL\ doesn't look so bad to me now. 

But I really dig your introspective slant, either in those comments or in your videos. I wish for you to get even more subscribers, and live off of your craft. 

And may great-tasting coffee find its way to you!

Hahaha, Cheers :) But - also one more thing, about the Window-talk, you should check out the game 'From Next Door', I believe it's on this site, it featured a 'Window to window' situation (a more horror aspect that delves into the eeriness of at least the situation you bring up). I think such situations of 'similar or homely comfortable situations', are always best for twisting into horror-ideas. I dreaded that window.