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It will be in version 0.27, i think.

i think it will be in version 0.29! 0.26 Schoichi, 0.27 Keisuke, 0.28 Jun. August you see the CG's in the game. 

I think it will be muuuch later than that.

Considering that we might be getting our first Sho NSFW scene in 0.29, so...maybe 0.32?

That is just my speculation, because I didn't know if 0.26 will bring two cutscene at once.

If so, then it could be 0.29.

0.26 only brings the dance cutscene. In the end, however, Yuu asks whether Shoichi can stay overnight at Yuu's home this weekend. Maybe WOTB will make a cliff hanger shortly before it starts, as he did with Jun in the last update and Shoichi after the lost final game. *grab Pickfork*

dyanblad why you spoiler the game?!

Sorry that was not my intention. Unfortunately I was a bit too fast. I try to avoid it in the future, by the way that was a small spoiler. Sorry again

It is a later update. As I understand it, the bj comes this update and the buttstuff in a later one; but, alas, i could be wrong (they could both be for later updates)