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Fun little game to play!

I really like the graphics and the giant you fight looks pretty neat in design!
I must say though, I was a bit confused at first.  What I missed in the game, was backstory, why you fight the giant and what the whole deal with the DeathWorld was.

The only real issue I had, was that I died when walking up to random boulders that were laying still, the giant doing his meteor attack while in the DeathWorld (maybe an invisible wall or something would fix this) and that I couldn't seem to use the 4th skill or the icon above the skills bar (the icon with eyes).

Of course, this was a short game, perhaps you'll add more in the future to cover this, in which case my words mean nothing haha

I'm looking forward to what the game has to offer in the future, maybe with new enemies, maps... would be cool to see!

Like others, I also made a small video on my experience with the game, feel free to have a look!