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I encountered a few bugs too:

I don't know if it was the same bug as the natural world had, but dying against the lady of the lake left me stuck without being able to do anything (this happened twice, my third death was normal). Opening the esc menu afterwards also resulted in the quit and resume buttons not doing anything. Thanks to your autosave and continue I didn't lose any progress though, so thanks for that! I also found the hidden door in deep town below Lauren's house Onimu found, the one with the bottomless pit, although I didn't have to restart the game, I got reset to deep town after restarting. It was unclear to me at first that after fixing my eyes, Lauren wanted to use the elevator on the other side of the lake, all she still said was to place the heart in the thing, so I was confused at first until I found the elevator. In the night market, after entering the subway, I managed to make the subway cursor disappear and couldn't make it come back. Going back to deep town via subway and the sludge temple resulted in resetting the Lauren cutscene in the elevator. It also resets Flynn and Richter's stuff after that. Richter never wanted to fight me, I just suddenly had the fake metro pass and I'm unsure when that happened (I did pick up an item before talking to Richter, was that the pass?). Dashing down in weather station 7 near the train made me fall through the floor and enter an infinite-death-loop where I didn't lose any lives since I was still invincible. After that I couldn't figure out what to do, I collected all the items in the sludge temple, visited all the train locations, but couldn't find what's next. Did I overlook something/get softlocked or was the demo over after that? Also one last thing, the UI doesn't scale well with the game resolution, the item menu had most items outside of the screen when I played with 1280x720 in windowed mode at first.

This may sound like a lot but none of it was really game-breaking. I loved the story and the characters, especially Flynn near the end, he looks like a fun character, I'd love to see more of him. The graphics were gorgeous as always, especially the locations near the ocean, the initial test lab and weather station 7. Didn't have any problems with the combat either. It felt responsive and I always felt in control, even dashing through levels, which was great. Had a good time with it.


I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for the bug reports as well. I really gotta revisit the dying stuff, that's ancient code from when I started this project and I think I need to just rewrite it. Also the UI scaling, and the lack of walls around the ocean

Also, to clarify, you did indeed reach the end of the demo once you got to the night market. I was trying to finish the second Richter fight in time for the demo, but it wasn't happening so I just put the metro card next to her so you could take it and then ride the subways around. I'll make it clearer for the next revision of this demo.