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I made it to the construction area! The only bug I encountered was that by getting trapped by one of the enemies, I bypassed the door with the bronze lock and effectively skipped the first boss (though it didn't really help as I couldn't get out anymore). The bosses had good patterns, I especially liked the second boss, which seemed to focus on distance attacks. I played as a drudge first and didn't get far, after that I tried marauder, which I liked better.   They still felt balanced though, I can see how the spear would work better for other play styles. Very cool demo, you can feel pride™ for it.


Thanks so much for playing that far! I had that bug on my list but completely forgot to do it, I’ll fix it right now!! I’ve been working on tightening these bosses a lot, trying to make the difficulty more fair and the gameplay more fun, though I’ve still got a ways to go, so I’m glad someone was able to beat it. I’m glad it wasn’t completely awful!