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Hi beautiful ones,

so I have a few notes of constructive criticism which you may or may not want to address and may or may not want to read lol!  It's a great game so this is meant purely to produce the finest product possible.  Sorry in advance if you don't prefer getting this type of communication.

1.  In briefs sniffing scenes, the sound effects for the quick jerk off (the medium/fast speed) has a strange echo to it when wearing headphones.  Just not a great sound effect in general.

2.  The volume levels of all foley and VA work are not consistent which can be a bit jarring.

3.  The mini-game with Hubert is great but I do think it would be better if you did some work on his facial expressions changing (sometimes he's completely blank which is weird) and more VA work of grunts and moans as the clothes come off.  Also a money shot animation for winning/completing the game would be preferred as a reward.  Plus I feel like the work you're during is naturally building to that explosive climax and then it doesn't happen and changes to a new scene and the energy is totally wasted.  I.e. getting blue balls lol.  And yes I understand you have an animation afterward with the jerking and blowing scene and that should FULLY still be there, but I do believe having more money shots than less will be fun for folks.

4.  Speaking of that scene w/ Hubert, again more VA grunts/moans.  This really helps with the overall sex being hot and JO-worthy.

Cool so that was a lot from me, mea culpa if you don't care.  I do want to say though if you appreciated my opinions and if you ever need help in future for the Beta test I would be over the moon happy to help.  I have a keen eye for detail and am thorough in my work and love bara dude games!!!

Great game and I am so looking forward to the finished product, beautiful peoples  :3

Thank you so much for your notes thefluffycottontail :) actually the game is changing a lot, we will try to take into account most of your remarks