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I thought this game was amazing. I was really just amazed at what they did with the engine considering that it's rpgmaker. I was just blown away.

The story was alright, kinda what I've seen done before from what I'm already seeing. Music was good. Gameplay was pretty good.

Personally, I liked how the game was easy. There were parts where I was stuck but once I figured out what to do it got easier. The whole unlimited tries was great.

The only cons I would say is that there was a black bar that appeared when you go back outside. And, I got stuck in a wall when leaving a room. Luckily the phone was right under me so I teleported to floor 1.

Hey Wallace, thanks for the feedback! I'm working hard to fix up some of the issues you mentionned. Glad you enjoyed your playthrough!

- Harmless

Hello again, coming back to this comment because it stuck with me. 

As someone who wants to be talented at (amongst other things) storywriting, it's actually really encouraging to hear that the story was "meh", but that you still enjoyed your overall experience. It tells me the project itself is good & that my efforts aren't wasted, even if there is still a lot to fix.

Weird out of place statement, I know, but felt it needed mentionning. 

Thanks again!

- Harmless


Np! I didn't think the story was "meh." I thought it was good. I just felt like I knew where it was going and that's ok. I would still like to play the final game. :-]