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CONGRATS ON RELEASING THIS!! i love to see you putting out amazing game after amazing game. it's so impressive how quickly you can put something like this together, when the content is so genuine and like. important!!!! i really love your games :)

i had never gone back and seen all of the endings for one night hot springs (i was so satisfied with the erika 2 end that i never got around to it!), so before playing this i made sure to see everything from the first game. it was a nice refresher, and even nicer to get to the new story right afterwards! your characters are so well-written, from haru's anxiety about causing any sort of trouble, manami's relationship with haru as a longtime friend who just can't be open with her, and erika's drive to make a fun thing happen for her friend(/crush!) AT ALL COSTS... it was all just really well done and i think will be relatable for a lot of people, and that's not even touching on the lgbt stuff! GREAT WORK!!

there's a lot more to be said but i won't leave spoilers in the comments on release day, hehe~ i hope you have a restful may <3 treat yourself to a spa day too, kc!