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Hey Orange Juice Dog

I write here for the first to say that I love Nekojishi, and im a big fan of your work, simply could not stop when I first got started with it, everything is so well done and i must say it brought many tears to my eyes.

and love the expantion that you made, to give the game just a little more finishing touch to it.

but the reason I write here is to hear if you have plans to make more games, whether it is something with the nekojishi world or something else? just want to hear if you were going to make more games, because you make heartwarming games, that i would love to see more of.

Thanks for enjoying our game! We're definitely working on something new that we hope to be able to share with everyone in the coming months. Best bet to keep up to date is to follow our Facebook ( and Twitter (@NekojishiTW) for all the latest announcements! 

I will look forward to that, and that I will