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Hello Katyfoo! Thanks for trying the game!
You were supposed to look around you + listening what they're talking about and then give the police good info :). Easy isn't it!
Ahahaha! JOKE! We're aware that the game is very hard and we blame ourselves for that!
Just imagine you're in the back of a truck, you wouldn't do something heroic like jumping on your kidnappers to stop the car would you? Maybe you'd rather try to reach the Police somehow, which you did (well played!). Then imagine you're the police in charge of you, would you think they would find you if you give them wrong info. In order to give them the right clues you need to pay attention on what's outside like big monuments, if you raise your head a bit (by pressing "W") you see a bit more of the buildings' silouhette.

We are totally aware that this is way to complicated at the moment, but thank you for playing it! And for making a video out of it!

Thanks again for playing!