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The screen cuts to the day transition screen if you haven't fill a character's heart bar before CS 10 ends.

Except that there is only the animation of sakura falling from the tree. No days that tells you when does this happens.

Then, the screen fades to black.

There, we can see that the day of MC's graduation have arrived. 

And then despites his effort, he is unable to win the All-Japan Junior Tournament again.

But, despite the setback from the tournament, he still decided to go forward to being a professional tennis player.

Two weeks after his graduation, he officially announce his debut into the world of professional tennis.

One week after that, he moved to U.S where he will be living from now on.

And then he mentioned about other's life.

Jun managed to graduate the school and got accepted to a music school he want to go in Germany. And at there, he is studying to became a game composer.

Shoichi graduated the school with honor, and got accepted into a prestigious college in Tokyo. Due to their busy work schedule, they haven't really met up as frequent as before, but they are still close together as a friend.

Saya came with MC to the U.S where he share a room with her. Although to MC's opinion, she's difficult to live with, but still, he is glad that he's not completely alone in U.S.

Keisuke is now the captain of the tennis club of the school, and his father makes him agrees that if he does not win All-Japan Junior, he is going to be forced to quit tennis and inherit his father's company.

Aki has been working harder ever since MC is gone. And he decided that he will take care of both his school work and his mom at the same time. 

In the end, MC said from his own perspective that his dream finally come truth, however, he feels like it is emptier than he imagined it would be. Although he love that fact that he did it, but at the same time, he expected more out of it. He feels like the problem of it is because he still have some regrets. And what he regrets the most is that he doesn't properly enjoying the last year of his student life. He thinks that perhaps if he'd been more decisive about what he wanted, things could've turned out differently.  However, he said that "indecision has always been one of my traits."

In the end, he talks about there's not much point in lamenting about what could've been in the past. And now, he is responsible for his own future. And there's no room for mistakes now for him.

Thx actually its..very VERY sad. iam almost cry lol.


How did you guys do it? I've tried a lot before but nothing happen.

In the character selection, fill Jun's hearts until there's only one left, and then move onto Keisuke until that ending appears. Make sure not to skip through it, though.

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Thanks a lot, the "secret" ending seem like a bad ending to me, especially Yuu (Poor guy ; - ;) being indecisive by not enjoying his last year with his friends and regret about it (just because of our choice to make it). It makes my heart hurts a lot when think about it

Yeah, it's a sad ending indeed...

I actually wanna try this route out, ima do it now