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Now for the game "review" proper ... First of all, thanks for the game's English translation & bringing the game to a wider audience.

The black-&-white artwork helps convey the game mood effectively, while the surreally-cheerful conversations of the 2 reaper-helpers provide an ironic counterpoint: Existence is ultimately comic-tragic perhaps ...

Before trying the game, I had no idea what it was about. But playing the game (various times, albeit for troubleshooting reasons) gave me a poignant sense of déjà vu.

Very coincidentally, during the past few months at my location, there have been a spate of incidents exactly related to the game's themes. The 2 most recent incidents occurred 2 days ago & 1 month ago respectively.

Also, I don't know if the game does offer multiple endings, but since it always plays & ends the same way for me, it does feel that nothing I or the Reaper-protagonist do would make any difference at all.

Gameplay Update:
I found that the game has 3 endings, or 3.5 endings (... depending on how one regards the very wacky Bonus Room).

Looking forward to a sequel to Hades Log in the near future ! :)

For those interested in the cultural background, here's a recent news article about the societal issues discussed within the game: South Korea's Testing Fixation (The Atlantic - 17 Nov 2016).