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This comment probably will make me look impatient but oh well.

So right now its just silence. We have no idea what are you doing or how are you doing. A lot of people may just loose interest or totaly forget about this game. So maybe you can post small devlogs. Like remember when you showed eggo and in another video you showed rotten eggo? Like those videos that are about 10 seconds? (you can release one like each 1 or 2 weeks). Also you can post your devlog on which can make the game more noticable. And did you know that you can post announcements on youtube? There you can tell us how everything is going and what are you making. (Also how are you doing? its about 3 weeks for me before my holidays begin and if you want i can tell you whats up with my account).

As i said now i probably look a bit impatient. (Also a little question. Hows the salad bowl enemy doing? Did you scrap that or did you made it real?)

Thats all! Bye!

I should have something up soon enough, I have school stuff so I won't really be that active for the next month and a half (sadly) but during summer I'll be doing loads, I might put up some small devlogs though (good idea). I'm figuring out stuff for the third floor right now, so I'm not sure if the salad bowl enemy will fit, but I'm certain a slight variation of it will make it.