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is it safe to assume the Mac version of ct.js is simply a javascript app in a Mac wrapper??

Kinda. It is an nw.js app, similar to electron apps, that are chrome-based ones.

my question is what is the path to created Mac OS ct.js files??

I have no idea where it installs ct.js as I have no Mac devices, and VM can't render ct.js' window ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But last time my acquaintance used it, ct.js ran as is, without installation. New projects should be saved next to mac executable in the projects forder. Regarding the examples folder, it seems that it got packed inside the executable (: I will make sure this won't happen in next releases.


awesome. thanks for the quick response. 

i will keep looking to see if i can find the file create/install path. 

other than a few minor things, my experience using ct.js has been pleasant.