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OK  I have just finished this wonderful game and I have to say for a one man operation this is pretty cool fantastic!

I thought some puzzles were a bit simple like the elevators but others weren't as much.
The music and sounds of the game were awesome it really did give me a bit of a scare and sound pretty cool.

The models look pretty good maybe some a bit polygonal but I think it looks cool. 

The atmosphere for the game is great but I think when the monsters came it sort of lost it I guess because they are pretty slow and easy to avoid so I lost the feeling of suspense or that I'm in a lot of danger but the 'Dark Guardian' and the monster that only moves when you run were very nice ideas and if you do ever plan on adding a knew one I think I got a pretty cool idea.I saw a corpse in one of the lockers and it made me think of something you said like 'if something looks actually is.get the fuck out' and I thought about maybe something that looks a bit like a person but one with the thing in it's mouth, weird skin and soulless eyes that may hide in a room in the corner,under a desk or in a closet and you'd need to be careful and inspect the room or possible hiding spaces before doing anything. I think entering a a dimly lit room and suddenly noticing something standing in the dark corner staring at you or maybe walking down the corridor and going near a locker and seeing it being slightly open but a creepy face is peeping. I don't know, it's just an idea.

I don't actually have much criticism it's an amazing game with a great story, great puzzles, great atmosphere, great music just everything is fantastic. You have made a an absolute gem I could just kiss you for making such an awesome game and I can not wait to see how you develop this incredible game! 10/10 IGN

With lot's of love, Onion. 


Thank you very much... Unbelieveable! I came back home today, was tired because of a hard day... but then i thought: "Let's take a look at my game site".. and the Kabooom πŸ’₯, there was your comment. A very helpful comment. That really made my day. πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘

I worked hard on the game over the last 4 month and i hope i'm able to release the full version next month. I'm currently working on the final scene / showdown! 
About the puzzles... yes you're right... from my (or our) view, they are easy. There were some other smart players (also seen on youtube), that solved these puzzels easily. But i've got a lot of messages over the time from players that sayd that they weren't able to find the solution and didn't proceed. So I put some more hints in the game. 
In the last few months I have noticed that it is very difficult to invent puzzles that fit into the story on the one hand and on the other hand can be mastered by as many players as possible. But if puzzles are too easy, the fun gets lost... if puzzles are too hard, players got frustrated. It's a complicated subject... i know that now. 😡

Polygonal overdrive..🀣 remnants from the beginning of development... that's also right. I startet the project as a little pixel horror like thing... but the i realized, that this would be a bad way to tell Polymerikums deeper story. It would be possible... but i didn't like the idea. Thats the reason why there are many cuby-blocky things (like some of the old furniture models). I love details in games and i love to decorate my game world with details. I'm very picky. Everything must fit into a scene, room or whereever... so the final version will be a bit more "decorated". I always take my time (a lot of that) to create everything like i wanted it... with quality. Sometimes i just sit there, staring at the levelmaps on the screen and think... "i could place this here, or that here, here a spook or maybe here... bla bla bla"... but then i have to stop me idling around, because i want to finish the project.

"That thing in the dark corner..." Classic! πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘
Every day after i added new stuff to the gameworld, I testplay it and i often thought about those things. Nice to read your idea, so i'm not alone with that thought. I like those spooky things... it's hard to make a decision about that, because it's classic...πŸ˜† it's in mostly every game.. but it's also cool. 

The corpse in the locker....
UUUUps, oh no.. 😲 that's Hanna! Poor girl.. I totally forgot her in there. That wasn't the plan. Damn! I hope she's not angry with me now! πŸ€”Thx for reminding me about that.

It was nice to read and to know that you had your fun. <MotivationIntensifies> This was refreshing after such a long silence around the game... that's also the reason you got this text overload answer 🀣.. lika production status update. 

Greetings and have a nice day! ❀

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Glad I could help with you're day and you're game! I'm overjoyed to hear it has made progress! 
You've seriously created something God tier here and I'm sure what ever comes next from you will be awesome. Godspeed! 

 You're everyday gamer, onion πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸ‘»